The Practices

Inherent Alchemy, Meditation & Mindfulnes


INHERENT ALCHEMY is an intuitively granted life-force-energy practice that Tamara began receiving as a child outside of Detroit,MI in 1986, a time and place where only the tangible was considered valid.  

Tamara has utilized the practice to heal of severe chronic illness and of broken bones with out meds, surgery or pain killers.  Aspects of these techniques are strung subtly through all of Tamara's teachings and practices.  It is a way of Self Actualization, of self-healing and of deepened conscious connection to Source. 

*Students’ purposes have ranged from growing  into their own gifts and true-whole-self-natures,   healing from chronic dis-ease, and to cultivating & maintaining health, balance and vibrancy throughout life’s challenges and successes.

Results students have experienced from honing & implementing the techniques in daily life include, but are not limited to:

(See REVIEWS page.)

*Ability to relieve and in some cases, entirely resolve:

long-term tinnitus, recurrent migraines and other headaches, insomnia, blockages in ears, various forms of pain, neuropathy, anxiety, panic attacks, post-trauma stress, depression, digestive issues, heart palpitations, eczema and psoriasis, etc...

*Success in centering, focusing, as well as acting, and speaking from truth throughout high-stress situations.

*Over-all deepened connection to their own selves, loved ones and the world at large.

*Various quickenings of development and perception shifts resulting in powerful & increasingly balanced boundaries, deepened sense of confidence & trust, as well as true love / caring acceptance, gratitude and awe for self, other lives and existence itself, resulting in a sense of ease and delight.


Tamara has been meditating since early childhood.  She is also practiced in various Taoist and Yogic meditation styles as well as Tibetan Buddhist Tonglan, Burmise Buddhist Vipassana, and rudimentarily in Zen Buddhist Zazen.  Both intuitive and traditional practices are invaluable tools that can be utilized all throughout life.  

Students are lead through and eventually gain proficiency in the meditative style(s) that best address his/her/hir current undergoings and intentions. 

Qi Gong

Putting Inherent Alchemy into Chocolate Ambrosia.

Qi Gong is an Internal Chinese Martial Art; a life force energy practice that's been used by healers and warriors for over 5000 years. Well cultivated and regulated Qi (life force energy) is the mystical power behind the breaking of a brick without harm to the Practitioner,  of hands-on & remote healing, and much more.  One is a beginner to Qi Gong (Life Force Energy Practice) for many years.  After 10 years of a life force energy cultivation practice one might reach an Intermediate level of experience, understanding, and cultivation of skill, "the tip of the iceberg" so-to-speak.

Tamara teaches Qi Gong for self-healing, self-mastery, stamina, peace, balance, clarity, ease and fun - that sense of magic induced throughout the various stages of cultivation.

For her students of Qi Gong, one of several foundational techniques will be concentrated upon for several or many sessions with practice expected in between.  The technique used is decided upon based on students' needs and intentions and on the endurance & gentleness of the mind.  Whether you come for one session or for many you will walk away from each session with a QiGong practice that you can do safely and powerfully on your own.



Tamara Stackpoole has been practicing Yoga since 2005, and began teaching in 2009 after Yoga Teacher Training at Asheville Yoga Center in NC. She was a classically trained dancer for 15 years and has skated since age 2.  Each of her practices have continually informed the others, culminating in expert skill in safely training alignment, flexibility, strength, balance and flow.  Students are brought through a practice tailored to their specific needs and intentions with focus on physical alignment, while utilizing the breath, gravity and radical trust to enter into a deepened sense of well-being, gratitude, delight and connection to the teacher within.  Each session begins with meditation and internally set intentions.   

Tamara teaches Anti-Inflamatory & Yin Yoga for deep release, flexibility,  relaxation and mental stamina & ease,  Hatha-Yin for strength, endurance, flexibility & release, Danced Yoga for heat, bliss & deepened intuitive body connection; and Couples Yoga for deepened connection & somatic communication between partners.  

Sessions end with svasana and a short closing sequence.