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Inherent Alchemy

Awaken, strengthen & engage your innate gifts and self-healing capacity with this 33year old intuitively received & deveoped Life-Force-Energy practice.  Stackpoole utilized the practice to heal of various health issues throughout life and to maintain health & vibrancy.  Cultivate powerful & practical internal skills for everyday experiences to those extraordinary challenges & successes.

Receiving, practicing and passing on to others since 1986.


Qi Gong

This Internal Martial Art,  born over 5000 years ago in China, is the foundation of Chinese Medicine, and the mystical power behind external martial arts for over 2000 years.  

Practicing since 2003.



Yin Yoga for deep opening, release and mental clarity, endurance & peace, as well as continually increasing flexibility - mind, body and spirit.

Hatha Yin similar to Yin but also with strength and balance Asanas.

Practicing since 2005.


Partial Scholarship available.  Email Tamara at to apply.

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