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Inherent Alchemy Reviews

Tamara Stackpoole, RYT

"I won't forget it and I explored a further depth into myself that led to some major discoveries that have proven to be successful in my career." ~ Carmen Aiello-Tejeda; Casting Director, LosAngeles, CA

"I found Tammy's insight to be deep and penetrating.  It is very difficult in this day and age to get out of one's own head. Her open heart enabled me to do just that"

~ Frederick Taylor; Filmmaker, Tomorrow Pictures; Atlanta, GA

"I have experienced health benefits when working with her regularly. Highly recommended." Tiffany Sersen; ASL Interpereter, The Secret Service; Washington DC  

"...the work resulted in me feeling much more centered and focused with much higher energy overall. ...and greatly reduced anxiety." ~ Alex Gunn; Investment Advisor; Salt Lake City, UT

"It’s as if you walk into class feeling one way about your life and completely REFRESHED and CONNECTED to the world when you walk out." ~ Jacquelyn Cordova; CondEssence; Taos, NM

"...not only helped me gain a deeper insight into my own spiritual connection but allowed me to face childhood traumas I had dissociated from. For a deepening in a healing practice that can last you the rest of your life I highly recommend working with Tammy" 

Sarah L'Heureux; Caseworker, Thresholds; Chicago, IL

"I use the breathing techniques she taught us daily and this practice she teaches has helped me a lot with my digestive issues." ~ Anna Dasonville; Vintage & Antique Sales; Chicago, IL

"...always left feeling a little more connected to myself" ~ Anthony Carson; Illustrator / Musician; Taos, NM


In-Home, On Location, at The Studio, or Live Online

*Instructor travels to your location in Taos, New Mexico; or elsewhere for additional travel fee.

*At Alaya Studio 

1015 Dea Lane

Taos, NM 87571

*Online sessions,  taught live Worldwide, are available exclusively in Inherent Alchemy, Meditiation & Mindfulness.


*Inherent Alchemy


*Couples Yoga

*Qi Gong

*Meditation & Mindfulness


*Mommy / Daddy Hour of Bliss Series

*Post Traumatic Stress Releif

*Life Style Change Coaching

*Nutritional Coaching

Standard Pricing

1 Hour of any Thrive Initiative Instruction  $150

Contact us for quotes on Custom Designed Retreats, Workshops, Thirve Parties & Events. 

Purchases are for open instruction time. Choose your Thrive Path/ Intstruction Type during our first contact


Partial Scholarships available.  Please inquire through email or during your phone consultation.

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Promotional Offerings

10% off Class Packs


Begins February 9th, 2019

Taos, NM at Alaya Studio

Awaken, strengthen and engage your innate gifts and self-healing capacity.   Build practical internal skills for centering and balancing that you are encouraged to carry into everyday life from day one.   The best way to catch a glimpse of how this practice may serve you is to read others' experiences, found at the top of this page.  Additionally, in mid to late January I will be giving a free experiential talk at Metta Theatre - the date will be announced by Tuesday, January 8th -  all are encouraged to come.

This series is limited to 12 students and runs in three 6-week sections with a 2 week break in between each.  Commitment is only necessary to one 6-week section at a time.   

You may register below, see the Blog on our Home page for more information or  contact Tamara directly at with any questions or to apply for partial scholarship.

Fulfilling adventures!


Thursday @ 2pm

February 15th, 2018

Inside the Lincoln Park Conservatory

Arrive 15 min. early to find us, meet and settle in.


August 21st, 2017

12pm - 3pm

On Loyola Beach, at the end of Lunt.

Bring blankets/ towel, and pillows or meditation bolster.

We'll do 20 minute rounds of seated meditation with 5 minutes of walking meditation between, and a 20 minute Yin Yoga set at the end. 

Snacks and decompression at 3pm.


 Use  pre-paid instruction time within 3 months of purchase.

Instruction time  may be transferred to other individuals in certain circumstances.

Alternative payment methods include: Cash, Venmo or PayPal.

Cancelation & Reschedulig Policy

Cancelations or schedule changes must occur through text or phone call within 24Hrs. of scheduled session otherwise full class charge will be applied, with the exception of true emergencies.